Time-sensitive action required: Datacenter migration announcement

Dear Customer, Thank you for your business and trust in Negox! Internet Solutions, LLC as your valued business partner and cloud provider. We’re committed to your success and prioritizing your experience within our datacenter infrastructure.  To this end, we have made significant investments in rolling out new datacenter (Microsoft Azure) ... Read More »

28th Feb 2021
SAP Crystal Reports Service Pack 29

New In SP29 Release Security updates Addressed customer Incidents Windows 10 2004 support VS 2019 Update 7 support HANA 2.0 SP05 support Fixed Issues:SP 29 Only 1 fixed issue - 2947850 - Exporting HTML wrapped in text causes Crystal Reports Designer 2016+ and .NET CR for VS SP 27 CR Viewer to crash when exporting to txt format Read More »

14th Nov 2020
SmarterMail Build 7619

Added: An option to propagate system-level User Default settings to a domain's User Default templates, to existing users, or both. Changed: Re-added the language propagation option to assist Administrators with upgrading to Build 7593 and above. Fixed: "Windows-1252" message body text encoding is being changed to "Iso-8859-1" for messages ... Read More »

14th Nov 2020
SmarterMail Build 7611

Build 7611 Changed: "Browser Not Supported" page now includes Safari as a suitable replacement/alternative. Changed: Team Workspaces updated to display "Browser Not Supported" page for users of browsers outside of SmarterMail requirements. Fixed: Main web interface does not load in Internet Explorer 11. Fixed: Subscribing to a calendar where ... Read More »

3rd Nov 2020
SmarterMail Build 7593

Added: Language setting for System Administrators accounts. Added: Language setting has been added to Domain Settings > Accounts so Domain Administrators can modify a user's language. Added: Outbound gateway description is included in the Outbound Gateway dropdown in the Domain configuration and Domain Defaults. Added: Server-side language ... Read More »

16th Oct 2020
SmarterMail Build 7573

Fixed: Issues deleting messages over IMAP when user language is not set to English. Fixed: Notification window shows untranslated text for domain shares. Fixed: Outlook (MAPI) cannot open a user's shared mailbox if the username contains a hyphen. Fixed: Outlook (MAPI) randomly restarts. Fixed: Scenario in which the message delivery retry ... Read More »

27th Sept 2020
SmarterMail Build 7565

Added: Language option for System Administrators. Added: Outbound gateway description is included in the Outbound Gateway dropdown in the Domain configuration and Domain Defaults. Added: Server-side language support for all protocols. (Only Thunderbird and Outlook for Windows will show translated folder names using IMAP; "Inbox" is not ... Read More »

19th Sept 2020
SAP Crystal Reports Service Pack 28

This is a list of fixed issues in Service Pack 28 for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (CRVS). New in this Release Addressed customer Incidents Security updates List of Fixed Issues: Incident 267935: crystalReportViewer_Load event not firing with SP25, 26 and 27 Incident 268362: ER- How to obtain the data source column name for a ... Read More »

19th Sept 2020
SmarterMail Build 7544

Added: A description field on both Inbound and Outbound Gateways. Added: A warning banner on the Inbound Gateway page to clarify what should be entered on that page. Changed: Inbound SMTP blocking check (Settings > Antispam > Options) is now disabled by default for new installs. Changed: Removed video upload option from HTML editor for ... Read More »

29th Aug 2020
SmarterMail Build 7537

Changed: All Appointments calendar view now sorts by the newest appointments first by default. Changed: An account removed from the indexing queue is now delayed before being queued for re-indexing. Changed: Message Session ID field in logs (e.g., Delivery) has been increased from 5 characters to 8 characters. Fixed: Added better validation ... Read More »

21st Aug 2020