SmarterMail Build 8762

  • 10th January 2024
Build 8762 Added: Ability to sort all of the column headers in the pages for Certificates and Automatic Certificates. Fixed: 'Bypass Certificate Validation Checks' setting is not being honored during SMTP deliveries. Fixed: Null reference check which caused some domains to show as 'Failed to Load'. Fixed: The domain level Outbound Message ...
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SmarterMail Build 8768

  • 10th January 2024
Build 8768 Changed: Button styling when editing a Cloud Storage Connections is now consistent with other areas. Changed: Geographic database has been updated. Changed: Microsoft Defender was renamed to Microsoft Defender Antivirus. Fixed: An internet subscription calendar can stop working due to null reference exception. Fixed: Attempting ...
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SAP Crystal Reports Service Pack 35

  • 25th December 2023

New in this Release

  1. Addressed customer Incidents
  2. MS Edge Browser version 118
  3. Chrome Browser version 118
  4. Firefox Browser ESR 115.x
  5. Safari Browser 17
  6. Security updates
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PHP 8.3 Hosting Available Now!

  • 30th November 2023
It contains many new features, such as explicit typing of class constants, deep-cloning of readonly properties and additions to the randomness functionality. As always it also includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and general cleanup. New Features in PHP 8.3 Typed Class Constants Added json_validate function Dynamic class constant ...
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