SmarterMail Build 8594

  • 14th July 2023
Build 8594 Changed: 'Enable Sender Verification' change to 'Enable Sender Verification Shield'. Changed: Updated the new "Failed to load" user handling to match the changes to a domain's "Failed to load" handling. Fixed: An instance where a customer's deliveries from Outlook (MAPI) resulted in blank recipients on the outbound ...
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SmarterMail Build 8587

  • 9th July 2023
Build 8587 Fixed: An issue were a single appointment in a user's account caused sync issues and exceptions in SmarterMail. Fixed: An occasional blank compose/reply window when SmarterMail is running in a virtual directory in IIS. Fixed: Better handling of string comparisons in MAPI related to Turkish Windows servers. Fixed: Category sync ...
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SmarterMail Build 8580

  • 30th June 2023
Build 8580 Added: Cyren trials are again available within the SmarterMail licensing area. Added: The successful or failed attempts when changing authentication types in Mac Mail to the Administrative log. Changed: Webmail handles categories for shared folders more in line with how it's done in Outlook. Removed: Unnecessary log files from the ...
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SmarterMail Build 8566

  • 18th June 2023
Build 8566 Added: An option to auto-clean users' Notifications. Added: Logging to Errors.log and a notification to the system administrator when a JSON file exceeds 10MB. Added: Support for creating/deleting folders in WebDAV. Removed: SURBL from default antispam settings due to timing issues. Fixed: An issue where a server doesn't adhere ...
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