SmarterMail Build 7950

  • 9th October 2021
Build 7950 Added: More recurrence options for Weekend/Weekday/Day and "Every X years" for calendar appointments, in webmail. Changed: Enabled SHA1 decoding for incoming DKIM signatures. Changed: SmarterMail now supports multiple incoming DKIM signature verifications. Fixed: "Nth Day" recurrences are syncing as Nth "Sunday" in some clients ...
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SmarterMail Build 7945

  • 3rd October 2021
Build 7945 Fixed: An uncommon scenario where DNS requests were returning the wrong DNS responses. Fixed: EAS MeetingResponse command doesn't support multiple Request items. Fixed: Installer would not properly update the DNSClient dependency on upgrade. Fixed: Marking messages read/unread or deleting them using Thunderbird with IMAP isn't ...
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SAP Crystal Reports Service Pack 31

  • 18th September 2021

New In SP31 Release

  1. Security updates
  2. Addressed customer Incidents
  3. New Data source: HANA Cloud 1.0
  4. Platform support: Win 10 20H2
  5. Platform support: Firefox ESR 91
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SmarterMail Build 7929

  • 18th September 2021
Build 7929 IMPORTANT: SmarterMail now requires .NET 4.8. Changed: Password compliance report now includes accounts that have password changes disabled. Fixed: Account fails to sync in Windows Mail (IMAP) until sync period is adjusted. Fixed: Administrative logging still references "Commtouch" instead of "Cyren". Fixed: Conference room ...
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