SmarterMail Build 7793

  • 5th May 2021
Build 7793 Added: Ability to verify the connectivity to outbound gateways during save. Added: Domain Size Limit Exceeded system message. Added: New option to download email messages as EMLs in web interface (1GB limit per download). Changed: Certificate name mismatch and certificate chain errors show as warnings in the delivery logs but will ...
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SmarterMail Build 7776

  • 17th April 2021
Build 7776 Added: A "Copy link" option to the Actions (...) menu of a Team Workspace card. Added: A setting option to bypass certificate checks during remote delivery. (Note: This is potentially dangerous and not recommended.) Added: An option in the "failed-to-load" dialog message to remove the domain from the list. Added: Messages now have ...
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SmarterMail Build 7761

  • 2nd April 2021
Build 7761 Fixed: Crashing issues when indexing some particularly malformed email messages. Build 7753 Fixed: Scenario in which SmarterMail could stop processing items in the Drop folder. Build 7752 IMPORTANT: It is not possible to downgrade or rollback to previous versions due to modifications to user CFG and GRP files. IMPORTANT: ...
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Time-sensitive action required: Datacenter migration announcement

  • 31st March 2021
Dear Customer, Thank you for your business and trust in Negox! Internet Solutions, LLC as your valued business partner and cloud provider. We’re committed to your success and prioritizing your experience within our datacenter infrastructure.  To this end, we have made significant investments in rolling out new datacenter (Microsoft Azure) ...
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