SmarterMail Build 8797

  • 4th February 2024
Build 8797 Added: The ability to password protect the public Scheduling page. Fixed: Administrators are sometimes unable to impersonate users that use LDAP/AD authentication. Fixed: In IP Connections, attempting to blacklist an IP address doesn't work. Fixed: On occasion, EWS users are unable to send large messages. Fixed: Rare issue where ...
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SmarterMail Build 8790

  • 27th January 2024
Build 8790 IMPORTANT: Notifications for Internal Spammer and Bounces Indicate Spammer IDS rules now sent to the system administrator instead of the address specified in the rule. Added: A hover tooltip on autocomplete for mobile screen sizes which displays the full email address of the contact / recipient. Added: A new Performance Tuning card ...
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SmarterMail Build 8776

  • 14th January 2024
Build 8776 Changed: API calls that send user@domain.tld on the URL were re-added. Changed: In Automatic Certificates, when there are 0 items selected, the options in the Actions button need to be shown but deactivated. Changed: The grid Status column in SSL Certificates > Certificates now shows a shortened status on error and clicking into ...
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SmarterMail Build 8747

  • 10th January 2024
Build 8747 IMPORTANT: All secure port bindings must be configured to use a certificate file that includes the private key. Bindings that don’t contain a private key will not function as expected and will show an “Invalid certificate” warning. IMPORTANT: Downgrading from this build is only supported if you upgraded from Build 8495 (April ...
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