Mailbox with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

  • 1st April 2015
Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync is the industry's premier synchronization technology that uses push technology to ensure email, calendar items and contacts are automatically synchronized between SmarterMail and a variety of mobile devices and recent desktop clients like Outlook 2013 or Windows 8 Mail, all in real time. You can order at ...
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SmarterMail 13.3

  • 27th February 2015
[UPDATED] SmarterMail Version - 13.3.5535 ADDED: Updated administrative logging to include the friendly name of the event that was fired in addition to it's id number. FIXED: A temporary disk error when reading an account's userConfig.xml file will no longer result in the user's settings being reset to the defaults, including a blank ...
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SAP Crystal Reports 2013 SP13

  • 6th February 2015
[UPDATED] SAP Crystal Reports 2013 Service Pack 13 (SP13) for reporting services. This is a list of fixed issues in Service Pack 13 for Crystal Reports Developer for Visual Studio: A Memory leak has been reported in SP 12 when exporting to PDF. This issue has been fixed Use Indexes for Speed not working in SDK .NET Method to retrieve the ...
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SmarterMail 13.2

  • 2nd February 2015
[UPDATED] SmarterMail Version - 13.2.5511 ADDED: The email results of an advanced search now includes a column for the From address. ADDED: The svcDomainAdmin web service's GetRequestedDomainDefaults and SetRequestedDomainDefaults functions now support getting and setting DefaultEnableMailSigning. ADDED: The svcDomainAdmin web service's ...
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