SmarterMail 15.2

  • 17th July 2016
SamrterMail Version 15.2.6039 Added: A mailConfig.xml only setting called allowViewingOfPasswords that enables the viewing of passwords in the web interface by system administrators. Added: Logging for folder auto-clean processing. Added: Secondary calendars can now be searched using an advanced search in webmail. Added: Sending a draft ...
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SAP Crystal Reports 2013 SP17

  • 22nd June 2016
This is a list of fixed issues in Service Pack 17 for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (CRVS): ER - Add a property in Windows.Forms.CrystalReportViewer to control the display quality of OLE object images Paging through report with linked OLE is missing images Reporting off of Outlook/exchange error - Fixed in CR Designer, no fix required for ...
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SmarterMail 15.1

  • 14th June 2016
SmarterMail Version 15.1.6005 Added: Message Sniffer logs are now compressed and auto deleted based on log settings. Fixed: Renaming folders containing subfolders now functions correctly. SmarterMail Version 15.1.6004 Added: Andorra has been added to the list of countries in the initial wizard for newly created user accounts. Added: ...
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SmarterMail 15

  • 13th May 2016
SmarterMail Version 15.0.5976 Changed: IMAP retrieval will now retry to download a message if it fails to receive data on the first attempt. Changed: Viewing a contact in webmail whose primary email address matches that of the logged in account will no longer search for and fill out related items. Efficiency: Added caching to improve ...
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