SmarterMail Build 8657

  • 15º Septiembre 2023
Build 8657 Changed: "Aged Passwords" changed to "Expired Passwords" for system administrators. Changed: Canonical URLs in SmarterMail changed to "no index". Changed: Drop shadows on hover states for toast notifications removed/lightened. Changed: Password Age values are no longer hard-coded, allowing translation via language files. Changed: ...
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SmarterMail Build 8629

  • 19º Augosto 2023
Build 8629 Added: A system-wide option for 'Block Authentication by Country'. Added: Debug logging implemented for Indexing service to detect what is causing CPU / Memory to spike and SmarterMail to go unresponsive. Added: Expired password grid on Password Requirements pages for both System and Domain settings. Added: Password requirement ...
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SmarterMail Build 8601

  • 23º Julio 2023
Build 8601 Changed: DMARC logic changed so that only an IP Bypass that is set to Bypass Spam Checks will skip the DMARC check. Changed: Internal IPs that were hardcoded are now visible and can be enabled/disabled on the whitelist page. Changed: Moved the internal 'Brute Force' whitelist logic as an option to toggle on/off for all new and ...
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SmarterMail Build 8594

  • 14º Julio 2023
Build 8594 Changed: 'Enable Sender Verification' change to 'Enable Sender Verification Shield'. Changed: Updated the new "Failed to load" user handling to match the changes to a domain's "Failed to load" handling. Fixed: An instance where a customer's deliveries from Outlook (MAPI) resulted in blank recipients on the outbound ...
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