PHP 8.3 Hosting Available Now!

  • 30º Noviembre 2023
It contains many new features, such as explicit typing of class constants, deep-cloning of readonly properties and additions to the randomness functionality. As always it also includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and general cleanup. New Features in PHP 8.3 Typed Class Constants Added json_validate function Dynamic class constant ...
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SmarterMail Build 8684

  • 13º Octubre 2023

Build 8684

  • Added: eM Client integration and partnership.
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SmarterMail Build 8664

  • 22º Septiembre 2023
Build 8664 Changed: Froala updated to 4.1.2. Fixed: A customer issue where contacts do not sync to Outlook (MAPI). Fixed: An issue where an account with a substantial amount of meeting requests does not sync to Outlook (MAPI). Fixed: Calendar appointments created using the MIMEContent property have the wrong start/end dates. Fixed: Editor ...
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