SmarterMail Build 8930

  • 17º Junio 2024

Build 8930

  • Added: Support for EWS custom properties for eM Client.
  • Fixed: Modifying an appointment over EWS to add recurrence and attendees doesn't add the attendees.
  • Fixed: When a shared folder is synced to Outlook (Add to Outlook), the closing Outlook, the connection is not preserved.
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SmarterMail Build 8923

  • 8º Junio 2024
Build 8923 Fixed: Appointments created in Outlook with MAPI on a German Server OS will not sync to the server. Fixed: Email popouts in webmail can take a while to load when a user has a large auto complete list. Fixed: File extensions get incorrectly added to attachments in webmail. Fixed: Some messages have the attachments stripped when ...
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SmarterMail Build 8909

  • 24º May 2024

Build 8909

  • Added: Rate limiting for automated SSL certificates.
  • Fixed: An occasional issue where Mailbox Migration fails to successfully import most of an IMAP account though it syncs successfully to clients.
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SmarterMail Build 8902

  • 17º May 2024
Build 8902 Fixed: IMAP Mail Retrieval and/or Mailbox Migration can fail to download some emails. Fixed: Mailing list messages are missing brackets in the generated Message-Id. Fixed: Some messages have attachments stripped when delivered. Fixed: When using Outlook (MAPI) with a GMT+1 time zone to invite an Exchange on-premise user to a ...
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