SmarterMail Build 8545

  • 30th May 2023
Build 8545 Fixed: A Null exception error when MAPI is getting domain folder information. Fixed: Accepting a meeting invite in EWS doesn't display the "Accepted on" date in MAPI. Fixed: An unusual exception in MAPI's HTTP request code. Fixed: App passwords for MAPI/EWS display improper encoding. Fixed: Attachments sent through MacMail (IMAP) ...
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SmarterMail Build 8538

  • 19th May 2023
Build 8538 Changed: CalDAV sort now defaults to descending. Fixed: A domain level calendar appointment that contains an attendee cannot be created in Outlook (MAPI). Fixed: A red toast notification can appear when importing large ICS files. Fixed: Accepting an appointment from the Mac Calendar app (EWS) occasionally doesn't send a ...
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SmarterMail Build 8531

  • 17th May 2023
Build 8531 Fixed: A unique issue where an appointment is generating a NullReferenceException in EWS. Fixed: A unique issue where the sync of the Inbox fails in Outlook (MAPI) after upgrading from Build 8496. Fixed: An issue preventing eM Client from connecting to some CalDAV accounts. Fixed: An issue where a specific appointment doesn't sync ...
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SmarterMail Build 8524

  • 8th May 2023
Build 8524 Added: A header to emails restored from the archive that indicates it is from the archive. Added: Simple API for eM Client to allow deleting a signature. Changed: An attendees own microphone is now clickable in an Online Meeting. Changed: Froala updated to 4.0.18. Fixed: A specific user's account fails to sync to Outlook using ...
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