SmarterMail Build 8531

  • Wednesday, 17th May, 2023
  • 04:24am

Build 8531

  • Fixed: A unique issue where an appointment is generating a NullReferenceException in EWS.
  • Fixed: A unique issue where the sync of the Inbox fails in Outlook (MAPI) after upgrading from Build 8496.
  • Fixed: An issue preventing eM Client from connecting to some CalDAV accounts.
  • Fixed: An issue where a specific appointment doesn't sync from webmail to iOS (CalDAV).
  • Fixed: An issue with web calendars no longer syncing to webmail or clients.
  • Fixed: Attempting to Reply to or Forward long message threads from Outlook (MAPI) stalls in the Outbox.
  • Fixed: Daily recurring meeting [weekdays only] invites created in webmail show as All Day in Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: Instances where an appointment doesn't sync from webmail to iOS (CalDAV).
  • Fixed: Modified instances of recurring appointments may not show up properly without the iCal event properties from main series.
  • Fixed: Recurring meeting invites in Outlook (MAPI) that are set to the first Sunday of the month causes Outlook to go unresponsive.
  • Fixed: Removed the ability to include special characters in domain conference rooms and equipment resource aliases.
  • Fixed: Unquoted emails with a space are not being rejected during SMTP sessions for their bad formatting.
  • Fixed: Various MAPI exceptions related to mailbox syncing.
  • Fixed: When replying to an email using Samsung Mail (EAS) and adding a BCC the recipient can see the BCC.
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