SmarterMail Build 8524

  • Monday, 8th May, 2023
  • 03:53am

Build 8524

  • Added: A header to emails restored from the archive that indicates it is from the archive.
  • Added: Simple API for eM Client to allow deleting a signature.
  • Changed: An attendees own microphone is now clickable in an Online Meeting.
  • Changed: Froala updated to 4.0.18.
  • Fixed: A specific user's account fails to sync to Outlook using CalDAV Synchronizer.
  • Fixed: Adding an account to Mac/iOS calendars or contacts (webDAV) shows authentication is successful, but then shows "Unable to connect to account" when being viewed.
  • Fixed: An exception in Outlook (MAPI) when updating a single meeting recurrence.
  • Fixed: An issue related to signed messages in Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: An issue that broke Thunderbird CRAM-MD5 on upgrade.
  • Fixed: An issue where remote Rspamd spam check are not being run against outbound messages.
  • Fixed: An issue where some emails are not allowing you to trust the sender.
  • Fixed: An issue with refresh token during user password change.
  • Fixed: CalDAV/CardDAV items are not syncing to Outlook via CalDAV Synchronizer.
  • Fixed: Domain administrators are unable to edit XML AutoDiscover responses for Domain Defaults.
  • Fixed: Email Migration and Mailbox Migration from iMail is failing without errors.
  • Fixed: Emails that are sent from a system administrator via Send Email show with no From or To address in Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: In the Users list, Actions (...) > Enable does not work.
  • Fixed: Messages sent to another Outlook (MAPI) user's contacts creates broken EML in webmail.
  • Fixed: Outlook (MAPI) doesn't properly reject the creation of email folders that exceed the allowed Windows file length threshold.
  • Fixed: Unquoted emails with a space are not being rejected as bad formatting during SMTP.
  • Fixed: Users are unable to edit Out of Office/Automatic Replies via Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: Using "Resync all Devices" is giving an error.
  • Fixed: When using POP Retrieval to pull in Inbox emails, multiple nested folders are created that mimic the user's folder structure.
  • Translations: Updated German translation.
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