SmarterMail Build 8545

  • Tuesday, 30th May, 2023
  • 00:00am

Build 8545

  • Fixed: A Null exception error when MAPI is getting domain folder information.
  • Fixed: Accepting a meeting invite in EWS doesn't display the "Accepted on" date in MAPI.
  • Fixed: An unusual exception in MAPI's HTTP request code.
  • Fixed: App passwords for MAPI/EWS display improper encoding.
  • Fixed: Attachments sent through MacMail (IMAP) show zero bytes when received.
  • Fixed: Contact Group member additions reference GAL contacts on domains even when GAL is disabled.
  • Fixed: Emails occasionally display a blue font in webmail and eM Client but black font in Outlook and other clients.
  • Fixed: If a user previously had automated forwarding enabled, then it is disabled, they cannot make any settings changes to their account.
  • Fixed: Mailbox Migration from 30GB Exchange 2013 account takes 24+ hours to complete and generates exceptions.
  • Fixed: Meeting responses sometimes don't send from eM Client (EWS).
  • Fixed: New email notifications in Outlook (MAPI) are not showing up in the Task Bar.
  • Fixed: Occasionally an account generates exceptions relating to invalid timezones and Serialization errors during MAPI sync.
  • Fixed: Outlook (MAPI) calendar is not updating even on fresh account sync.
  • Fixed: Schedule and Timeline calendar views don't utilize all available free space before grouping appointments together in the 'more' view.
  • Fixed: Setting the birthday field on a contact in iOS (EAS) sometimes saves it to the previous day.
  • Fixed: Some issues with the Spanish translation.
  • Fixed: Updated the time zone for Iran based on Microsoft's changes.
  • Fixed: User shared contact folders aren't syncing over WebDAV.
  • Fixed: When impersonating a user while viewing the spool, the browser session can be logged out, and logging back in has some interesting consequences.
  • Fixed: When using Outlook 2016 (MAPI), Reply All doesn't include the recipients in the To field, preventing replies from being sent.
  • Fixed: When using the Nine email client (EAS), the account's calendar stops syncing.
  • Efficiency: HTML no longer loads and strings are no longer decrypted on all appointments when the appointments file is edited/saved.
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