.NET Framework 4.7 contains hundreds of bug fixes and improvements and now offers ASP.NET 4.7 hosting service on all of our hosting plans.

.NET Framework 4.7 List of Changes

  • Allows for extensibility of the cache providers that could allow them to operate on new services with less overhead from memory usage. [180994]
  • Introduced a new config parameter 'timeoutUnit' for ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider that can be used to indicate the 'clientSearchTimeout' and 'serverSearchTimeout' values. These should be interpreted as Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds/Milliseconds. If not specified, the default is Minutes, as was the previous behavior. [212045]
  • Customer will see a warning in the windows event log if they have specified to use unsecured password formats in their web application. [265267]
  • Fixed assignment issue with max-age value for OutputCache. [288337]
  • Fixed an issue with exception handling for custom membership provider scenario. [294931]

Monday, August 7, 2017

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