SmarterMail Build 8818

  • 24th February 2024
Build 8818 Added: A time-based threshold for bounce removal for mailing lists. Added: App Password for LDAP authentication. Added: Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) Verification and Signing. Added: New "Certificates" logging to store ACME SSL validation checks. Changed: "Bypass certificate validation checks (Dangerous)" is now "Enforce ...
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SmarterMail Build 8797

  • 4th February 2024
Build 8797 Added: The ability to password protect the public Scheduling page. Fixed: Administrators are sometimes unable to impersonate users that use LDAP/AD authentication. Fixed: In IP Connections, attempting to blacklist an IP address doesn't work. Fixed: On occasion, EWS users are unable to send large messages. Fixed: Rare issue where ...
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