SmarterMail Build 8797

  • Sunday, 4th February, 2024
  • 00:00am

Build 8797

  • Added: The ability to password protect the public Scheduling page.
  • Fixed: Administrators are sometimes unable to impersonate users that use LDAP/AD authentication.
  • Fixed: In IP Connections, attempting to blacklist an IP address doesn't work.
  • Fixed: On occasion, EWS users are unable to send large messages.
  • Fixed: Rare issue where duplicate domain GUIDs could prevent the proper transfer from a user's MailProcessing folder to the GRP.
  • Fixed: The yellow Mailbox Migration warning about deleting existing mailbox items uses incorrect left/right padding.
  • Fixed: When automated forwarding is enabled for the domain, but disabled for the Domain Administrator, domain-level content filters and events that forward mail no longer work.
  • Fixed: When using the impersonation API it requires that you use both the URL argument and the post data input.
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