SmarterMail Build 8874

  • 20th April 2024
Build 8874 Added: A failsafe measure to prevent two SmarterMail services from running at the same time. Changed: Updated ClamAV to 1.2.3 Fixed: Message Archiving cannot be enabled on domains that have been renamed in the past. Fixed: New and upgraded installations are failing to engage ClamAV for message scanning. Fixed: Read Receipts sent ...
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SmarterMail Build 8867

  • 13th April 2024
Build 8867 Fixed: If an SSL/SNI renewal order fails to validate, it may create a rate limit scenario with Let's Encrypt. Fixed: Reloading a domain breaks HTTPS. Fixed: Replying to a message using Firefox may cause the cursor to jump after editing the first line. Fixed: Users log out after some time due to multiple users on the same account, ...
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SmarterMail Build 8860

  • 7th April 2024
Build 8860 Fixed: Cursor can jump around when composing message in webmail. Fixed: Extremely rare issue where reloading a domain causes loss of tmpmsg files. Fixed: Importing accounts from Exchange using Mailbox Migration is failing to import all of the data and generating errors. Fixed: In Outlook (IMAP), you’re unable to subscribe to the ...
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