SmarterMail Build 8853

  • 31st March 2024
Build 8853 Added: Domain Hostnames to the auto-SSL process. Fixed: isn't accepted as a top-level domain suffix for eM Client. Fixed: An email with attachments loses its attachments on forward if a draft is saved prior to sending. Fixed: An exception at login that could cause random logouts or not allow a user to authenticate. Fixed: ...
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SmarterMail Build 8846

  • 24th March 2024
Build 8846 Fixed: A scenario where some users' acquaintances.json file were not converted to acquaintances.sbin. Fixed: A unique issue where renaming a domain in damages the domain and places files into the System32 folder. Fixed: Comparing incorrect Centralized Certificate Store directories can lead to binding loss. Fixed: In Outlook ...
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SmarterMail Build 8839

  • 17th March 2024
Build 8839 Fixed: 7Bit transfer encoding + DKIM + Automated Forwarding results in broken encoding in received messages. Fixed: A unique issue where adding new gateway to SmarterMail the gateways fail to add. Fixed: Appointment invitations cannot be viewed in Message Archive. ("Message no longer exists" error.) Fixed: Favorites in Outlook ...
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SmarterMail Build 8832

  • 10th March 2024
Build 8832 Changed: Updated Windows Defenders integration to include .DAT and .DAT2. Changed: When installing SmarterMail and choosing to "Use existing IIS site", all subweb sites are now hidden as SmarterMail only supports top-level configurations. Fixed: "All But Specified Countries" in the system-level "Block Authentication by Country" ...
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