SmarterMail Build 8839

  • Sunday, 17th March, 2024
  • 00:00am

Build 8839

  • Fixed: 7Bit transfer encoding + DKIM + Automated Forwarding results in broken encoding in received messages.
  • Fixed: A unique issue where adding new gateway to SmarterMail the gateways fail to add.
  • Fixed: Appointment invitations cannot be viewed in Message Archive. ("Message no longer exists" error.)
  • Fixed: Favorites in Outlook (MAPI) are lost on restart of the Outlook client.
  • Fixed: Making changes to a user who is authenticated with Active Directory always prompts for LDAP details, even when the AD values weren't modified.
  • Fixed: Occasionally, messages from eBay that get auto-forwarded result in an ARC exception in logs.
  • Fixed: Several calendar issues with all day events when using the German timezone in eM Client.
  • Fixed: Specific EMLs hang in Spam Checks (even with them disabled) and occasionally cause crashes due to CPU usage.
  • Fixed: The "BYPASS_CERTIFICATE_CHECKS" translation string was not updated for all existing language files.
  • Fixed: The 'Move Folder' function in webmail does not work.
  • Fixed: Upgrading Plesk environments to recent SmarterMail Builds prevents 2FA logins.
  • Fixed: When delivering an email to a Plus Address or moving that message via content filtering, a " / " no longer works to send that email to the specified subfolder.
  • Fixed: When using a domain-level Content Filter to move messages to a default folder, the email is moved to a new custom folder that contains an underscore instead.
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