SmarterMail Version 15.5.6222

  • Added: A log entry is made whenever a delivery attempts an A record lookup.
  • Added: Administrative logging for failed Exchange ActiveSync login attempts.
  • Added: Auto-discovery configuration settings specific for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.
  • Added: Creating a new contact from the TO or CC field dropdown menu now auto-fills the Display As field.
  • Added: If a display name is defined for the user, autoresponders now respond with the display name shown in the From address.
  • Added: New logging for calendars.
  • Fixed: Adding a contact from the TO or CC field dropdown menu no longer results in an Oops page.
  • Fixed: Address information containing commas and synced with CardDAV no longer prefixes the comma with backslashes.
  • Fixed: Attaching a shared calendar or task for an impersonated user, who has never logged into webmail, no longer creates a secondary calendar or task for that user.
  • Fixed: Auto-discover now works with the Mac mail client.
  • Fixed: Basic email search and advanced search now return proper results.
  • Fixed: Calendar display bug with start and end times showing incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Calendar event encoding when syncing with Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Fixed: Calendars synced with SharePoint (Add to Outlook) with non-ASCII characters in their name now display correctly in Outlook.
  • Fixed: Deleting a contact from the edit modal window now correctly displays the next contact.
  • Fixed: Disabled users can no longer issue the APOP command to retrieve messages.
  • Fixed: Email headers now properly fold on white spaces.
  • Fixed: Exporting contacts to a CSV file no longer throws an exception when downloading the file.
  • Fixed: IMAP migration and retrieval properly supports 8-bit MIME.
  • Fixed: Importing a contact with no email address no longer causes an Oops page.
  • Fixed: Issue when editing a file in File Storage that prevented any future interaction with that file.
  • Fixed: Issue where certain messages may not leave the spool because of DNS lookup exceptions.
  • Fixed: Issue where displaying certain messages could cause the interface to hang.
  • Fixed: Propagating Authentication Mode or Active Directory domain settings to users now properly works.
  • Fixed: UpdateUser2 web service method now properly updates a user's first and last name and no longer changes authentication mode to SmarterMail automatically.
  • Fixed: Users with the same username as the domain name can now view domain calendar resources.

Martes, Enero 17, 2017

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