SmarterMail 13.2

  • 2nd February 2015
[UPDATED] SmarterMail Version - 13.2.5511 ADDED: The email results of an advanced search now includes a column for the From address. ADDED: The svcDomainAdmin web service's GetRequestedDomainDefaults and SetRequestedDomainDefaults functions now support getting and setting DefaultEnableMailSigning. ADDED: The svcDomainAdmin web service's ...
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SmarterMail 13.1

  • 5th December 2014
[UPDATED] SmarterMail Version - 13.1.5451 ADDED: Sessions closed due to the connected IP address getting added to the blacklist will now add a log entry explaining why the session was closed. ADDED: The svcAdmin Web service now includes functions for adding, updating, removing and retrieving the list of abuse detection rules. CHANGED: ...
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SmarterMail 13.0

  • 11th November 2014
[UPDATED] SmarterMail Version - 13.0.5422 ADDED: A System Administrator can now restore a user, an account’s email folder or the contents of an email folder from within the Web interface without restarting the SmarterMail service. ADDED: Abuse detection rule to alert and optionally block or quarantine outbound mail when an account bounces a ...
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SAP Crystal Reports 2013 SP12

  • 10th November 2014
[UPDATED] SAP Crystal Reports 2013 Service Pack 12 (SP12) for reporting services. This is a list of fixed issues in Service Pack 12 for Crystal Reports Developer for Visual Studio: Currency symbol showing in Windows Viewer when using ToText() formula and use Currency symbol is unchecked in Options symboliclink "aspnet_client" - is not created ...
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