• Added: An option to propagate system-level User Default settings to a domain's User Default templates, to existing users, or both.
  • Changed: Re-added the language propagation option to assist Administrators with upgrading to Build 7593 and above.
  • Fixed: "Windows-1252" message body text encoding is being changed to "Iso-8859-1" for messages created in webmail.
  • Fixed: A warning is displayed indicating a duplicate binding exists when editing a port binding.
  • Fixed: Adding a domain-level calendar resource, but not assigning any users before saving it, doesn't show the calendar in the web interface nor can it be deleted.
  • Fixed: All-day appointments in All Appointments view in webmail may show on wrong day.
  • Fixed: CardDAV on iOS shows the GAL folder and contents even when the domain's GAL feature is disabled.
  • Fixed: Clicking "Reply All" in webmail truncates display names when they contain commas.
  • Fixed: Exception in the MAPI logs after running IMAP retrieval.
  • Fixed: Long attachment names may be partially hidden behind the attachment preview in the webmail compose window.
  • Fixed: Some encoded attachment file names can show garbled in web interface.
  • Fixed: Team Workspace login/device fixes and changes.
  • Fixed: The Password Reset request links back to the login page and does not allow passwords to be reset.
  • Fixed: Trailing spaces aren't detected or removed in folder names during mailbox migrations.
  • Fixed: User throttling notice is not sent out more than once per user regardless of its frequency setting.
  • Fixed: Webmail editor Decrease Indent button does not work for items that indented the same amount as the previous list item.
  • Removed: "Check for Outdated Browsers" setting from System General settings page.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

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