SmarterMail Build 7845

  • 25th June 2021
Build 7845 Key Features Upgraded EAS to version 16.1 which improves performance for mail clients like Outlook mobile and Gmail, and offers additional features such as remote wipe and syncing of drafts. Release Notes IMPORTANT: It is not possible to downgrade or rollback to previous versions due to modifications to the events.json ...
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New SmarterMail Build Now Available

  • 2nd June 2021
We're pleased to announce that a new Build of SmarterMail is now available! Over the last several weeks SmarterMail has received numerous additions, changes and fixes, with more on the way. Below are a few of the highlights: Windows Defender is now integrated for antivirus/malware protection. Gmail was re-added for Mailbox Migration and Email ...
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SmarterMail Build 7817

  • 30th May 2021
Build 7817 Efficiency: Significant improvement to the load times for the domain configuration page. Efficiency: Significant improvement to user login times due to efficiency changes to profile picture retrieval. Fixed: "Update ClamAV Definitions" button is always deactivated. Fixed: Outbound DKIM signing may fail verification on receiving ...
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SmarterMail Build 7810

  • 24th May 2021
Build 7810 Added: A confirmation modal to the Archive Search Download All option. Added: A warning note to legacy AddUser2 API documentation notifying users that some User Default selections are not observed. Fixed: A few locations in EWS and EAS code was not checking the Max Message Size appropriately. Fixed: Archive Search Download ...
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