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Configure a SSL certificate Print

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To configure a SSL Certificate to your website, please follow the following steps:

A) Order a dedicated IP:

  1. Log in to user account
  2. Click the Services menu > View Available Addons
  3. Select +1 Dedicated IP, then click the Order Now button
  4. Complete the payment process.

B) Assign the dedicated IP to your website:

  1. Log in to SolidCP account
  2. In Web & Applicactions section, click Web Sites icon
  3. Click domain link
  4. Click Dedicated link in IP Address
  5. Click Update button.

C) Generate a CSR code to purchase a SSL Certificate and install it:

  1. Log in to SolidCP account
  2. In Web & Applicactions section, click Web Sites icon
  3. Click on the domain you wish to generate the CSR for
  4. Click SSL Tab
  5. Click Generate CSR button
  6. Fill the form out completely
  7. Click the second Generate CSR Button
  8. Provide the CSR code to your certificate provider
  9. Copy the certificate into the certificate box and click Install Certificate button.

The SSL Certificate for your website will now be installed.

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