PHP 8.2 Hosting Available Now!

  • 2nd January 2023
PHP 8.2 Hosting will be available from now on for all hosting accounts and we recommends that you update to the latest version as soon as possible. PHP 8.2 comes with numerous improvements and new features such as Type System Improvements Disjunctive Normal Form: Combined Unions and Intersections Standalone Types for Null and ...
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ASP.NET Core 7.0 Hosting Available Now!

  • 2nd January 2023
We now offer ASP.NET Core 7.0 hosting service on all of our hosting plans. .NET 7 is now released! ASP.NET Core in .NET 7 includes everything you need to build rich modern web UI and powerful back-end services. Here’s a sampling of the great new features and improvements in ASP.NET Core for .NET 7: Servers and runtime Rating limiting: ...
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SAP Crystal Reports Service Pack 33

  • 2nd January 2023

New In SP33 Release

  1. Addressed customer Incidents
  2. JDBC connectivity supported
  3. Platform support: Win 11 22H2
  4. Platform support: Open JDK 17 (17.0.2+)
  5. Platform support: Oracle JDK 17
  6. Platform support: Chrome Browser version 108
  7. Platform support: Firefox Browser ESR 102
  8. Security updates
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