Support tickets

  1. Login to User Account
  2. To create a ticket, click the Open Ticket menu
  3. To manage your tickets, click the Support menu > Tickets

Ticket Submission Guide

We ask that you please help us to help you by being as detailed as possible when submitting a ticket; the better the information you provide the faster we will be able to resolve your issue. Below are some tips:

  • Write in clear English
  • Include any error messages that occur on-screen
  • Explain step-by-step how to reproduce the scenario or problem you are describing
  • If you think a screenshot would help, please include one
  • State when the problem started and what changes were made immediately beforehand

Please Note: All tickets are responded to in the order they are received based on last activity, so bumping of tickets will only delay our response. We endeavour to respond promptly however please be mindful that we may need to contact our engineers on your behalf for further information and this may delay our response.

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