SmarterMail Build 8517

  • 29th April 2023
Build 8517 Added: A background color in dark mode for pagination edits. Added: A Message Archive Search tab to the System Admin > Domain Edit view when Message Archiving is enabled for a domain. Added: Several API calls specifically for eM Client integration. Changed: Sorting and sub-sorting is more logical and consistent in All ...
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SmarterMail Build 8510

  • 21st April 2023
Build 8510 Added: Spam filtering options for mailing lists. Changed: Bad password cache timeframe increased to 15 minutes. Removed: Notifications surrounding "Resync User Protocols". Fixed: Adding a new Rspamd server to Settings > Antispam > Options can initially fail to save the Display Name. Fixed: Additional MAPI issues around ...
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SmarterMail Build 8504

  • 15th April 2023
Build 8504 Changed: Improved Brute Force IDS logging. Fixed: An issue where a domain-level content filter that's configured to forward and delete will delete the email before it can be forwarded. Fixed: An issue where appointments in webmail cannot be edited. Fixed: An issue where user mailboxes load slowly when there are a lot of messages ...
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SmarterMail Build 8496

  • 9th April 2023
Build 8496 Fixed: All day reminders are displaying the time incorrectly. Fixed: An invitation email in Outlook (MAPI) shows both 'Please respond' and 'No Response Required'. Fixed: An issue retrieving an attachment from an email that has no MIME sub-parts. Fixed: An issue that set Mexico time zone incorrectly causing appointments to always ...
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