SmarterMail Build 7699

  • 30th January 2021
Changed: Upgraded FullCalendar component to latest version 5.5.1. Efficiency: Greatly reduced the time it takes to login via webmail for users with larger accounts. Fixed: A situation where the "fullName" variable is being over written by the API when creating a new user. Fixed: Autocomplete dropdown text on Impersonate User modal is ...
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SmarterMail Build 7692

  • 23rd January 2021
Added: Added banner to let system administrators know that debug logs may impact performance. Changed: The calendar event description field is now on a separate card that uses the editor so that hyperlinks are visible and clickable. Changed: Updated Froala editor to version 3.2.5-2. (Fixes several formatting and styling issues.) Fixed: "Clean ...
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SmarterMail Build 7685

  • 17th January 2021
Added: A new default option and action for Folder Auto-clean to delete email based on "Time in Folder". Changed: In Folder Auto-clean rules, the rule named "Age" was renamed to "Message Date", though its action remains the same. Changed: On upgrade, existing Folder Auto-clean rules that use "Age" will be changed to "Time in Folder" and use the ...
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