SmarterMail 12.4

  • Tuesday, 9th September, 2014
  • 17:18pm
[UPDATED] SmarterMail Version - 12.4.5364

  • ADDED: A user setting for whether or not messages downloaded by POP3 should be marked as read.
  • ADDED: integration that turns SmarterMail into a recurring revenue stream and helps improve the user experience with friendlier bounce messages.
  • ADDED: Events may now be enabled/disabled on a per event basis.
  • CHANGED: 8-bit MIME support is now returned in the SMTP EHLO response.
  • CHANGED: The More/Less buttons in the HTML editor now remember their previous state.
  • FIXED: DKIM signing and verification now functions correctly when using relaxed canonicalization and the body of the message is blank.
  • FIXED: Mime content and body text are now returned in the EWS GetItem response for messages that request that information.
  • FIXED: The event for new mailing lists now sets the "ListAddress" email argument correctly.
  • FIXED: The svcDomainAdmin.asmx web service's GetDomainUsers function now returns the list of users when a catch-all alias is enabled for the queried domain.
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