SmarterMail Build 8790

  • Saturday, 27th January, 2024
  • 00:00am

Build 8790

  • IMPORTANT: Notifications for Internal Spammer and Bounces Indicate Spammer IDS rules now sent to the system administrator instead of the address specified in the rule.
  • Added: A hover tooltip on autocomplete for mobile screen sizes which displays the full email address of the contact / recipient.
  • Added: A new Performance Tuning card in Troubleshooting.
  • Added: An option to download Results Only in View Logs, which allows administrators to download a copy of the specific search results rather than the full logging for the entire date range.
  • Added: Guest email addresses can now be entered on a public scheduling page so multiple attendees can be added to the meeting.
  • Added: Support for the Out of Office and Tentative availability statuses in webmail and all protocols.
  • Added: The ability to Enable / Disable days in Calendar Settings > Business Hours.
  • Changed: Only Agenda and Day calendar views are available in webmail when viewed on mobile devices.
  • Changed: Sub-settings that are only applicable when a parent toggle is enabled are hidden when configuring gateways.
  • Changed: Updated Froala to 4.1.4.
  • Changed: Updated FullCalendar to version 6.
  • Changed: When a contact folder is shared, only those Contacts based on the folder's attached/detached status are shown in autocomplete.
  • Fixed: Accepting a meeting invite from the message in webmail deletes the meeting from the calendar.
  • Fixed: Administrators are unable to modify the Active Directory "Domain" setting for users who were imported via LDAP/AD.
  • Fixed: Attempting to change the system level Spam Filter action to "No Actions" results in "Object reference..." error.
  • Fixed: Contact Groups do not sync properly to MacOS/iOS Contacts (WebDAV).
  • Fixed: IMAP Mailbox Migration occasionally fails to import all emails in the folder(s).
  • Fixed: It's possible to create a 'Primary domain admin" upon domain creation with bad characters that breaks the domain when trying to change the Primary Domain admin.
  • Fixed: Shared calendar, contact, task and note folders do not automatically pull in new data in Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: Shared Calendars and Conference Rooms are dropped when there is more than one MAPI connected account on the same profile.
  • Fixed: The Android app DAV x5 (CardDAV synchronizer) doesn't sync some contact properties properly to webmail.
  • Fixed: Users with "Manage" permissions on shared calendars only see availability information in Outlook (MAPI).
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