SmarterMail Build 8776

  • Sunday, 14th January, 2024
  • 00:00am

Build 8776

  • Changed: API calls that send user@domain.tld on the URL were re-added.
  • Changed: In Automatic Certificates, when there are 0 items selected, the options in the Actions button need to be shown but deactivated.
  • Changed: The grid Status column in SSL Certificates > Certificates now shows a shortened status on error and clicking into the modal shows the details.
  • Changed: Various styling and text changes to modals.
  • Fixed: Cannot connect to WebDAV using Mac clients.
  • Fixed: Dropbox errors when trying to link a file from an account that is waiting for email verification.
  • Fixed: Forwarding an email that contains attachments retains all attachments on delivery even if one or more attachments were removed in the compose window.
  • Fixed: If you have Force HTTPS turned on for a domain it will fail the certificate validation.
  • Fixed: Meetings are not syncing in Zoom for a specific account.
  • Fixed: Outbound Gateways no longer show a message when the "Verify connection before save" fails.
  • Fixed: Rebuilding a folder can cause tags to get removed from messages.
  • Fixed: Resolved an inconsistency between EAS User and IP Connection counts
  • Fixed: Sorting Settings>SSL Certificates>Automatic Certificates by "Renews" when no dates are present generates an error.
  • Fixed: The (UTC+01:00) Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb timezone allows users to schedule on a day prior to what is allowed.
  • Fixed: When enabling automated certificates the required Email Address field is not highlighting, preventing the Save button from enabling.
  • Fixed: When forwarding a Teams invitation created in webmail using Outlook (MAPI), the attachment will not be included on the recipient’s end.
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