SmarterMail Build 8601

  • Sunday, 23rd July, 2023
  • 00:00am

Build 8601

  • Changed: DMARC logic changed so that only an IP Bypass that is set to Bypass Spam Checks will skip the DMARC check.
  • Changed: Internal IPs that were hardcoded are now visible and can be enabled/disabled on the whitelist page.
  • Changed: Moved the internal 'Brute Force' whitelist logic as an option to toggle on/off for all new and existing whitelist entries.
  • Changed: Non-RBL DNS lookup timeouts decreased from 25 to 10.
  • Changed: SORBS removed from the RBL antispam default settings.
  • Changed: The default weight for Null Sender spam check was lowered for new installations and when using Reset Antispam Settings.
  • <li">Fixed: An issue where some customers are seeing high response times on RBLs in cyclic pattern that cannot be replicated when querying directly.
  • Fixed: Contacts with no contact image still show X for image removal.
  • Fixed: Firefox can fail to send or save draft when it loads too slow.
  • Fixed: In some instances the browser tab quickly flashes open then closes itself when trying to impersonate a user,.
  • Fixed: Inbox doesn't sync in some cases due to a clients Outlook rules (MAPI).
  • Fixed: Meeting request cancellations sent from Exchange/O365 (MAPI) users to SmarterMail users appear as invitations.
  • Fixed: Non-printable characters are not being stripped out by SmarterMail.
  • Fixed: Non-printable characters are not being stripped out by SmarterMail.
  • Fixed: Notes with custom subjects/titles are overwritten in Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: Some appointments cannot be opened outside of All Appointments view.
  • Fixed: Some variables aren't working when used in custom messages for password resets.
  • Fixed: Some variables don't work in custom messages for password resets.
  • Fixed: WebDAV is not properly sending meeting messages.
  • Fixed: Webmail Duration is not properly showing the ended webmail session on the User Connections page.
  • Fixed: When creating a new contact in Outlook (MAPI) that contact is added using a legacyDN string for the address.
  • Fixed: WHMCS: End users can click Delete on only available user in SmarterMail services and receive confirmation of deletion.
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