SmarterMail Build 8594

  • Friday, 14th July, 2023
  • 12:06pm

Build 8594

  • Changed: 'Enable Sender Verification' change to 'Enable Sender Verification Shield'.
  • Changed: Updated the new "Failed to load" user handling to match the changes to a domain's "Failed to load" handling.
  • Fixed: An instance where a customer's deliveries from Outlook (MAPI) resulted in blank recipients on the outbound messages.
  • Fixed: Calendar/Task attachments don't sync either way in WebDAV.
  • Fixed: Content filters can fail to read the file extensions when an attachment is sent using 7 bit encoding.
  • Fixed: Firefox can fail to send or save a draft when it loads too slow.
  • Fixed: High memory usage in MAPI calendars.
  • Fixed: On a shared note, and embedded image overruns the body field for the recipient of the share.
  • Fixed: Retry intervals of 24 hours or longer are saved to the JSON file incorrectly, causing unexpected behavior with the spool's Retry Intervals.
  • Fixed: S/MIME encrypted messages fail to prompt for credential use and don't display contents.
  • Fixed: Shared/Personal Calendar attachments sometimes disappear in Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: Some appointments can't be deleted from webmail.
  • Fixed: Some folders are not visible in certain IMAP clients.
  • Fixed: Specific EMLs display formatting issues in FairEmail due to DKIM content in BODY during FETCH command.
  • Fixed: SRS is not used when 'keep original recipients' forward setting is enabled, and the original sender is a local user on the domain.
  • Fixed: Syncing a shared calendar doesn't load anything via Caldav.
  • Fixed: The date/time of some calendar components can be miscalculated based on the user's time zone and desktop date/time settings, and these components also show Tehran times with DST still being applied.
  • Fixed: WebDAV still forcing HTTPS when HTTPS redirect is not enabled for the domain.
  • Fixed: When an invitation is sent from Outlook (MAPI) as a winmail.dat file (from some Exchange servers), SmarterMail isn't correctly displaying the appointment's date and time.
  • Fixed: When trying to create an appointment in an EWS client using the MimeContent field, the created appointment is empty.
  • Efficiency: Improved IMAP keyword handling.
  • Efficiency: User connection counts optimized.
  • Security: Fixed one or more security issues were fixed. It is recommended that all users update to this release.
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