SmarterMail Build 8083

  • Friday, 18th February, 2022
  • 04:55am

Build 8083

  • Fixed: Aqua Mail (EWS) on Android has issues with authentication.
  • Fixed: Deleting an attachment from a draft, after the draft is saved, causes a 500 error in webmail.
  • Fixed: EWS is not properly decoding the sender display name in some clients.
  • Fixed: EWS SuppressReadReceipt requests are failing to find the corresponding message.
  • Fixed: Internal Spammer IDS actions (Quarantine and Block) do not appear on the IDS Blocks page or in Administrative logs.
  • Fixed: Mailing List unsubscribe link is not working.
  • Fixed: MAPI sometimes displays duplicate contacts.
  • Fixed: NTLM authentication fails if the user name is specified as DOMAIN\USERNAME.
  • Fixed: NTLM doesn't correctly authenticate with NTLM2 Session Response.
  • Fixed: Outlook (MAPI) doesn't show new emails after the mail server time is moved ahead, then back to the correct date/time.
  • Fixed: Replying or forwarding an email with Outlook (MAPI) doesn't set the Reply or Forward flag in webmail.
  • Fixed: Scenario where SmarterMail could crash when a malformed mailbox header is loaded by mailing lists.
  • Fixed: Spike Email (EAS) on iOS has issues with authentication.
  • Fixed: Unable to enable EAS for a user with a Flex license.
  • Fixed: When Daylight Saving happens, or when the server time zone changes, SmarterMail doesn't update headers.
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