SmarterMail Build 8055

  • Saturday, 22nd January, 2022
  • 00:00am

Build 8055

  • Added: Resync All Devices button on a user's Connectivity page.
  • Added: Resync User Protocols action for system/domain administrators when selecting a user from a domain's Accounts tab, or when editing a user's settings.
  • Fixed: A draft with an inline image that's created in Mac Mail (EWS) syncs to Outlook (MAPI) with no images.
  • Fixed: A Task created in Outlook for Mac (EWS) fails to display the task body when viewed in webmail.
  • Fixed: An issue where EWS isn't always encoding the body of an email message correctly.
  • Fixed: An issue where Outlook (MAPI) doesn't always display recipients on email messages.
  • Fixed: An issue where Outlook (MAPI) isn't always showing the display name of the sender in the preview pane if a display name exists.
  • Fixed: An issue where the DATE field in an email's header is incorrect.
  • Fixed: Forwarding an email in Outlook (MAPI) doesn't display special characters correctly.
  • Fixed: In some cases, Outlook (MAPI) Bcc: addresses are visible to external SmarterMail recipients.
  • Fixed: Outlook (MAPI) Sent Items sometimes has conflicts after using the resync user functionality.
  • Fixed: Replying to or forwarding a message in Outlook (MAPI) appends RE: or FW: twice to the subject line.
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