SmarterMail Build 7914

  • Monday, 6th September, 2021
  • 03:57am

Build 7914

  • Changed: Handling of categories on shared collaboration items is more consistent. (Categories will no longer appear when viewing a collaboration item from a folder that has been shared to you.)
  • Changed: Handling of emails with multiple from addresses in webmail is more consistent.
  • Fixed: Deleting attendees in an appointment doesn't activate the Save button.
  • Fixed: Editing a contact owned and shared by another user clears out the owner's categories.
  • Fixed: Impersonating an account updates the last login time.
  • Fixed: MAPI doesn't always set a meeting UID and SEQUENC number for modified events.
  • Fixed: MAPI recurring appointment set to 'last day of month' is displayed incorrectly in webmail.
  • Fixed: Removing all attendees from appointment in webmail fails to actually remove them on save.
  • Fixed: Users of a shared contact folder can edit the categories set for the folder by its owner.
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