SmarterMail Build 7901

  • Friday, 20th August, 2021
  • 04:49am

Build 7901

  • Changed: Disk usage styling for domains and users who are set to unlimited disk space now match those with a limit.
  • Fixed: A domain shared calendar (Domain Settings > Sharing) does not show up in the user's Calendar area immediately.
  • Fixed: Calendar display issue when a member of a User Group shares a calendar with their Group.
  • Fixed: Creating a domain shared resource results in red warning/exception.
  • Fixed: Deleting a user share on a folder results in an object reference error.
  • Fixed: IMAP client displays shared subfolders even when the shared parent is detached.
  • Fixed: Opening a Note from the Advanced Search window creates a new session and loads the email list rather than the note.
  • Fixed: Scenario where administrators are unable to create new users or domains.
  • Fixed: Scenario where SMTP spam checks cause SmarterMail to crash.
  • Fixed: Sharing a new folder with another user doesn't show up that user's folder list right away.
  • Fixed: SmarterMail diagnostics page is not able to resolve to
  • Fixed: The Email folder Properties modal doesn't always close after clicking Save.
  • Fixed: Tool tips seem to flicker in random areas in webmail in various browsers.
  • Fixed: Umlauts used in task bodies in Outlook (MAPI) are lost when the task is saved.
  • Fixed: User Activity > Inactive Users contains no confirmation modals for Delete or Disable actions.
  • Fixed: When replying to emails returned from Sent Items via Advanced Search, the user's address is used in the To: field rather than original recipients.
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