SmarterMail Build 7866

  • Friday, 16th July, 2021
  • 18:44pm

Build 7866

  • Changed: SmarterMail now sets the X-Robots-Tag header to "noindex" to prevent Google from indexing some pages.
  • Changed: Updated time zone definitions library.
  • Efficiency: Loading of conference room appointments in web interface is ten times faster.
  • Fixed: An empty context menu may show for some calendar events shared with full control.
  • Fixed: Licensing counts in web interface may not display correctly.
  • Fixed: Modifying a message's read/unread state in an IMAP client does not sync that change to EAS clients.
  • Fixed: Modifying a single occurrence of a recurring appointment via EAS may not sync some properties to server.
  • Fixed: Scenario of NullReference exception when retrieving a message attachment via EAS.
  • Fixed: Scenario where NullReference exception could cause appointments updated via EAS to not sync back to the server.
  • Security: One or more security issues were fixed. It is recommended that all users update to this release.
  • Translations: Updated the Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) translation files.
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