SmarterMail Build 7859

  • Wednesday, 14th July, 2021
  • 03:45am

Build 7859

  • Changed: Removed read-only shares from IMAP subscribed folder list due to client limitations.
  • Fixed: All-day appointments with a positive UTC timezone may show on the wrong day in EAS clients.
  • Fixed: API GetMessages does not use MessageSince nor MessageBefore parameter values when calculating results.
  • Fixed: Attachment filenames in content-type header were not properly handled when syncing via EAS.
  • Fixed: EWS exception causes MAPI, EAS, and EWS availability to return no results for some users.
  • Fixed: Exception in the IMAP logs related to the NOOP command.
  • Fixed: Froala editor may strip out empty signature fields in draft messages.
  • Fixed: In Dark theme, an account that is over its limit shows the Disk Usage bar in webmail as orange rather than red.
  • Fixed: In Dark theme, the Advanced Search Received After/Received Before criteria label are the wrong color.
  • Fixed: Outbound messages fail DKIM when there are repeated header fields (e.g., multiple X-Notes, etc.).
  • Fixed: Read-only messages that are opened in their own window show the Delete button and other Actions (...) menu inconsistencies.
  • Fixed: Scenario where an attachment whose filename contains special characters may become corrupt when sending a draft or forwarding a message.
  • Fixed: Users may receive duplicate messages that are continually triggered after a command timeout.
  • Fixed: When a user who does not have a signature selected/required by default adds a signature to an email, the signature does not appear in the email body.
  • Removed: Edit/View/Open options have been removed from context menus in Calendar, File Storage, and Advance Search pages.
  • Translations: Modified "CONTENT_FILTER_RUNNING" translation key value.
  • Translations: Removed "CONTENT_FILTERING_RUN_FILTERS" translation key.
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