SmarterMail Build 7852

  • Friday, 2nd July, 2021
  • 05:43am

Build 7852

  • Added: Added #detectedby# variable (the name of the virus scanner) to the event argument for Virus Found events.
  • Added: Editable default descriptions for brute force login (IP and webmail) and password recovery IDS rules.
  • Added: STUN and TURN server settings to Domain Defaults and Settings propagation.
  • Changed: Adjusted SignalR ping frequency and increased timeout duration to fix some web page refresh issues.
  • Changed: Adjusted validation message for autocomplete fields to be consistent throughout the web interface.
  • Changed: Hide "Domain > General settings" card for Team Workspaces when Team Workspaces is disabled.
  • Changed: Mailing list options are now shown on the Configuration page based on whether they are enabled for the domain.
  • Fixed: Account disk usage percentage is showing as zero for all accounts on the domain accounts listing page.
  • Fixed: Dark mode CSS background color styling for auto-complete fields in modal dialogs is slightly off.
  • Fixed: Delete button is missing on mobile devices when showing message pane in webmail.
  • Fixed: EAS is not pulling messages down to Outlook 2016/365.
  • Fixed: IMAP read-only shares allow items to be deleted.
  • Fixed: Mailing list "List Reply To Address" setting for "Specific User" shows when the "List From Address" setting is set as "Specific User".
  • Fixed: Messages in the spool that are base64 encoded show error message "This message no longer exists."
  • Fixed: Notification for domain propagation always indicates that results were propagated to one domain.
  • Fixed: One folder failing to archive causes all subsequent folders to not archive.
  • Fixed: Responding to an appointment via iOS (EAS) does not properly update the appointment for the attendee or it disappears from the iOS calendar.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which Connections page for system administrators may not show any EAS connections.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which SMTP Out IP rotation success-to-failure ratio does not adhere to specified ratio setting.
  • Fixed: Some attachments are missing in Outlook (MAPI) but appear in webmail.
  • Removed: Sorting by disk usage/percentage from domain accounts listing page.
  • Translations: Added EVENT_CONDITIONS_DETECTEDBY translation key.
  • Translations: Modified EVENT_ACTIONS_DEFAULTS_10016_BODY and EVENT_ACTIONS_DEFAULTS_10016_SUBJECT translation values.
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