New SmarterMail Build Now Available

  • Wednesday, 2nd June, 2021
  • 02:55am

We're pleased to announce that a new Build of SmarterMail is now available!

Over the last several weeks SmarterMail has received numerous additions, changes and fixes, with more on the way. Below are a few of the highlights:

  • Windows Defender is now integrated for antivirus/malware protection.
  • Gmail was re-added for Mailbox Migration and Email Retrieval.
  • Google Drive was re-added as a Cloud Storage Provider.
  • System administrators can now limit a domain administrator's ability to change user account size limits.
  • It's now possible to download email messages as .EML files from webmail.
  • Fixes implemented for a couple of reported security issues.
  • Significantly improved speed, and CPU and memory usage across multiple areas, including Greylisting, folder renames, file storage and more.
  • Over 80 additional features, changes and fixes since our last release email.
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