SmarterMail Build 7810

  • Monday, 24th May, 2021
  • 22:28pm

Build 7810

  • Added: A confirmation modal to the Archive Search Download All option.
  • Added: A warning note to legacy AddUser2 API documentation notifying users that some User Default selections are not observed.
  • Fixed: A few locations in EWS and EAS code was not checking the Max Message Size appropriately.
  • Fixed: Archive Search Download confirmation modal shows a red Ok button rather than the normal blue.
  • Fixed: Changing the DKIM key for a domain with DKIM already enabled no longer requires a service restart to take effect.
  • Fixed: Improved logic for Windows Defender handling to avoid adding exceptions in logs if Defender is not installed.
  • Fixed: Outlook (MAPI) view settings intermittently revert to default layouts.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which "550 No such user here" is returned rather than "550 Relay is not allowed".
  • Fixed: Scenario in which "Run Content Filter" option on mail folders might not run the correct content filter.
  • Fixed: Scenario where contending write and read locks with domain settings.json files were preventing the mail service from starting.
  • Fixed: Some outgoing messages might fail DKIM validation on receiving server.
  • Fixed: Special and accented characters might be improperly encoded in calendar appointments and invitations.
  • Fixed: Warning banner stating ClamAV definitions cannot be updated shows even after disabling ClamAV in the web interface.
  • Removed: API Service Log removed from backend and web interface. (Note: Any pertinent logging was moved to errors logs.)
  • Translations: Removed "SYSADMIN_SETTINGS_API_SERVICE" translation key.
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