SmarterMail Build 7544

  • Saturday, 29th August, 2020
  • 03:42am
  • Added: A description field on both Inbound and Outbound Gateways.
  • Added: A warning banner on the Inbound Gateway page to clarify what should be entered on that page.
  • Changed: Inbound SMTP blocking check (Settings > Antispam > Options) is now disabled by default for new installs.
  • Changed: Removed video upload option from HTML editor for sections that do not support video.
  • Fixed: IMAP fetch and noop commands could cause an exception if the selected folder is empty.
  • Fixed: MAPI exception when retreiving older and larger emails from the server.
  • Fixed: Scenario where IMAP UID SEARCH sequence results were out-of-order which caused issues, mainly on iOS devices.
  • Fixed: Some calendar events are not showing except in the All Appointments view.
  • Fixed: Some events migrated from Exchange had invalid recurrence IDs, preventing them from loading in the web interface.
  • Fixed: Stack overflow exception occurs when a temporary message has 0 bytes but the mailbox has not fully loaded.
  • Fixed: System Messages (e.g., the Disk Space Usage notification) may include duplicate message-ID headers.
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