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SmarterMail Build 7537

  • Friday, 21st August, 2020
  • 03:57am
  • Changed: All Appointments calendar view now sorts by the newest appointments first by default.
  • Changed: An account removed from the indexing queue is now delayed before being queued for re-indexing.
  • Changed: Message Session ID field in logs (e.g., Delivery) has been increased from 5 characters to 8 characters.
  • Fixed: Added better validation response if attaching an invalid domain.
  • Fixed: Administrative logs do not record when single or multiple user accounts are deleted.
  • Fixed: All-day, weekly recurring appointments created on servers with positive UTC timezones show a day early in web interface.
  • Fixed: Deleting an IDS Rule from the web interface does not delete any currently blocked IPs/addresses already in effect.
  • Fixed: Deleting recurring events on Android devices (EAS) does not sync.
  • Fixed: Domain disk usage values are empty on Domain Reports > Overview.
  • Fixed: Domain-level spam filtering is missing two settings on the Options card in Professional Edition.
  • Fixed: IMAP users get "Failed to update headers" error when syncing to Outlook 2010.
  • Fixed: MAPI contacts are not correctly setting the File As field in Outlook.
  • Fixed: Message list does not span full width of web interface when the preview pane is disabled.
  • Fixed: Renaming a domain from to could cause data loss.
  • Fixed: Scenario where SmarterMail could crash with stack overflow exception on startup.
  • Fixed: Setting an image's style to "shadowed" does not work when editing an email in the web interface.
  • Fixed: The @font-face CSS tag causes the compose window to be blank when replying to a message in Safari and Chrome on MacOS.
  • Fixed: The styling for unordered and ordered lists in the compose window does not match the styling that is used in the sent message.
  • Fixed: The Whitelist modal Save button does not enable if only SMTP Spam Bypass is selected.
  • Fixed: User grid does not display space for displaying the correct significant figure of "Max Size".
  • Security: Meddler-in-the-middle attackers can no longer pipeline commands after POP3 STLS command.
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