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SmarterMail Build 7523

  • Saturday, 8th August, 2020
  • 03:17am
  • Added: Relevant "copy" actions added to the context menus on the Spool, User Activity, Connections, and IDS block pages.
  • Fixed: An account with "Show in GAL" disabled still appears in the address directory in Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: An account with "Show in GAL" disabled still shows in results from ResolveRecipients (EAS) command.
  • Fixed: An account with "Show in GAL" disabled still shows in the autocomplete selection for eM Client (EWS).
  • Fixed: Archive search is unable to display a message even though the email is present in the Archived folder.
  • Fixed: Creating or modifying a meeting on iOS (EAS) causes attendees to receive raw iCal data.
  • Fixed: Email list can show HTML code in snippets rather the proper foreign characters.
  • Fixed: Filtering by Attachments does not limit results to only emails that contain attachments.
  • Fixed: Folder syncing using MAPI slows down after restarting Outlook during the initial folder sync.
  • Fixed: Importing a PST file into Outlook (MAPI) fails if the folder contains a '?' in its Display Name.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which ClamAV would fail to start.
  • Fixed: Switching the webmail preview pane sub-theme affects all user accounts when a user is logged into the same browser session.
  • Fixed: Turkish characters do not appear properly in Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: User may receive a toast message when enabling a domain calendar in the web interface.
  • Translations: Added translation keys "COPY_DOMAIN", "COPY_IP", "COPY_PATH", "COPY_SENDER", and "COPY_SOURCE".
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