• Added: Reading pane light/dark mode now persists between browser sessions.
  • Efficiency: Initial loading of accounts list for large domains is now faster.
  • Efficiency: User index size has been reduced significantly and searches are much faster. (Note: Accounts will be re-indexed to this newer version of indexing).
  • Fixed: Ampersand (&) symbol in folders names show up as &amp in the web interface.
  • Fixed: API to create user aliases allows an alias name to contain invalid special characters.
  • Fixed: Errors appear that indicate corrupted GRPs when there are no actual GRPs.
  • Fixed: Exception when importing a calendar .pst file into Outlook (MAPI).
  • Fixed: HTML comments in a message cause problems when trying to reply/forward from webmail on MacOS.
  • Fixed: If a new category is added via an EAS client, the user's master category list on server does not update.
  • Fixed: Improved domain name validation at the API level.
  • Fixed: Issue with using Basic authentication for EWS (notably with eM Client for Mac).
  • Fixed: Null reference exceptions in IMAP body peek.
  • Fixed: Scenario where IMAP clients could repeatedly attempt to retrieve a message that no longer existed.
  • Fixed: Some sharing modals are not opening.
  • Fixed: User Aliases that end with .cs or .sd cannot be edited once they have been saved.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

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