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SmarterMail Build 7475

  • Saturday, 20th June, 2020
  • 05:19am
  • Added: The edit modal for Contact folders now shows the CardDAV URL link similar to the Calendar modal.
  • Changed: Updated Froala text editor to the latest version.
  • Efficiency: Drastically reduced CPU and RAM usage for calendars, across webmail and all protocols.
  • Fixed: Copy-to-clipboard on CalDAV link includes "undefined" in the front of the URL.
  • Fixed: Encoding issue with Thai characters in Sent Items and Drafts.
  • Fixed: Recurring calendar issues when accepting/declining specific instances of appointments on iOS (EAS).
  • Fixed: Reminder notifications for appointments with plain text descriptions do not properly show content that is between angled brackets. (I.e., < and >)
  • Fixed: Scenario where mail service could crash due to an unhandled StackOverflow exception.
  • Fixed: SmarterMail is not properly deselecting the current folder if the IMAP mailbox name in the select command is empty.
  • Fixed: System Administrator notifications do not load in popout window.
  • Fixed: Unable to open mailing list due to a null reference exception.
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