.NET Framework 4.7.2 and 4.7.1 contains hundreds of bug fixes and improvements and now offers ASP.NET 4.7.2 and 4.7.1 hosting service on all of our hosting plans.

.NET Framework 4.7.2 List of Changes

  • Support for Dependency Injection in Page, Custom Handler and User controls. [364308, system.web.dll, Feature]
  • Enable ASP.NET developers to specify MaxLength attribute for Multiline asp:TextBox. [449020, System.Web.dll, Bug]
  • Avoid InvalidCastException when running an ASP.NET application that works with mixed HttpWorkerRequests types and has FREB/ETW tracing enabled. [472566, system.web.dll, Bug]
  • Fixed issue https://github.com/Microsoft/dotnet-framework-early-access/issues/2 [479409, 521834, system.web.dll, Bug]
  • With this improvement, users who created apps on .NET Framework 4.7.2+ or upgraded apps to .NET Framework 4.7.2+, if they don't specify the appsetting value in their configurations, they won't be using regexes in data type attributes (such as EmailAddressAttribute, UrlAttribute, and PhoneAttribute). They will instead use a simpler implementation. [480141, system.web.dll, Bug]
  • Support for SameSite property in HttpCookie. [497045, system.web.dll, Feature]
  • Fixed bug in ASP.NET LowPhysicalMemoryMonitor where the monitor might fail to start if memory use falls within a certain range. [531575, system.web.dll, Bug]
  • Fixed bug in ASP.NET LowPhysicalMemoryMonitor where the default polling interval is sometimes mistakenly disabled. [531576, system.web.dll, Bug]
  • Fixed the behavior of ASP.NET's RecycleLimitMonitor in cases where no private bytes recycling limit is explicitly set in IIS configuration. [531579, system.web.dll, Bug]

.NET Framework 4.7.1 List of Changes

  • Fixed the scenario where ASP.NET's custom errors feature does not work if the URL being requested contains a filesystem reserved keyword. [217022, System.Web.dll, Bug]
  • Fixed the scenario where the content-type header is not set in the response if HttpResponse.Redirect is called before executing handler. [360276, system.web.dll, bug]
  • Fixed leaking cache items in System.Runtime.MemoryCache when multiple threads race to add an item with the same ID. [388335, System.Runtime.Caching.dll, Bug]
  • Fixed an accessibility problem to have consistent identification for table items. [449101, System.Web.Extensions.Design.dll, Bug]
  • Fixed spurious xhtml5 warnings in Visual Studio for web forms application development. [450875, System.Web.Extensions.dll, Bug]
  • Fixed bug with absolute expiration time when using System.Web.Caching.Cache.Insert(). [453771, System.Web.dll, Bug]
  • Fixed accessibility problem where a visually impared user can have less difficulty in identifying property grid entries in high contrast mode for property headers. [459055, System.Web.Extensions.Design.dll, Bug]
  • ASP.NET developers now can use this public API to parse a string from SetCookie header to a HttpCookie object [402902, System.Web.dll, Feature]:
    static bool HttpCookie.TryParse(string s, out HttpCookie result)
  • Added support for SHA-2 hash algorithms for ASP.NET Forms Authentication password format. [405231, System.Web.dll, Feature]
  • HttpApplication.OnExecuteStep provides extensibility to ASP.NET pipeline to make it easy for developers to implement features in ambient context pattern and build libraries that cares about ASP.NET execution flow. [406437, System.Web.dll, Feature]

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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