Welcome to phpMyAdmin version 4.8.0. We are excited to bring you this updated version with many new features and bug fixes. There are no changes to system requirements.

A few highlights of the changes include:

  • Allow the removal of individual segments from pie charts
  • Improved database search to allow matching the exact phrase
  • phpMyAdmin no longer requires using the PHP eval() function
  • The mbstring dependency is now optional
  • Add support for Google's Invisible Captcha
  • Improved handling of reCAPTCHA
  • Fixes to the JavaScript editor for TIME values
  • Improved the editor for the JSON data type
  • Add "Format" button to the edit view form
  • Implement mobile interface
  • Allow Designer to show tables from other databases
  • Add support for authentication using U2F and 2FA
  • Designer: fix broken "Add tables from other database"
  • Fix double escaping of ENUM dropdown
  • Restore SQL query after session expires
  • Query builder: Fix for new column not being added
  • Fix for blank login page
  • Changes to the handling of arg_separator for AJAX requests; see issue #13940
  • Structure tab: fix silent failure to create new indexes
  • Fix improperly escaped HTML code on the database structure page
  • Fix JavaScript errors when using Internet Explorer (in particular when editing rows)
  • Fix for broken error report
  • Fix failed import
  • Fix for "Cannot read property sql_query of undefined" errors

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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