This is a list of fixed issues in Service Pack 19 for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio (CRVS).

  • Error when canceling a print job using PrintOutputController() to the local file system: Unable to start the print job.
  • Charts now have pixilated edges when using CR for VS Windows form viewer SP 18
  • Enhancement Request: PrintOutputController does not allow Current Page in Winform Viewer
  • Inline RAS printing does not respect Suppress Printing If No Records option selected
  • Set Location to a secure MDB up one folder fails using ..\Access.mdb fails for subreports
  • Crosstab report with rotated text does not show values
  • Error Printing barcodes from WPF-Viewer
  • Add the Xbase native DB driver back into distribution packages (32 bit only)
  • Print from WPF viewer will not print landscape on Windows 2012 R2
  • Linking Dataset Tables together does not work based on date/time fields
  • Character in rtf string overlaps with punctuation mark.
  • Enhancement Request - Getting field values for each section
  • CHM search with 3 5 framework hangs in search on second attempt

Thursday, January 26, 2017

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